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Frequently Asked Questions

We always welcome questions about our adapters and the work behind the scenes.  Here's a few that we get asked about and we're sure more will be coming....


What year is the VW?  It has a split window?

1975 Beetle Sedan with fiberglass split window kit.

RTD Adapters


What does the VW have for a motor?

2006 Harley 96-inch Twin Cam, mated to an RTD adapter, attached to the OEM VW Transaxle

RTD Adapters


Does this vehicle have enough power?

OH YES!!! 90 hp for the Harley / 45 hp for the VW motor.

RTD Adapters


What is Stone Woods and Cook?
  • SWC is a 1941 Willys raced during the Gasser Wars of the 1960's

  • SWC has been voted "The Most Famous Race Car of All Time"

  • Rooster Tale II is a tribute to that car and era

  • Rooster Tale Bel Air is a '57 Chevy raced throughout the Upper Midwest

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