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RTD Adapters LLC


Welcome to RTD (Rooster Tale Design) where we have designed and tested an engine adapter to mate Twin Cam motorcycle engines to Volkswagen Beetle type 1 transaxles.

Fantastic Showing in Daytona!


We tested the VW all week:

  • 0-60 mph in moments

  • 75 mph down the Freeway...with plenty of pedal left to go

  • 24 mpg fuel economy

  • It was an utter joy to drive!

Best Engine Award Winner!


Had a great time at the God's Country Racing Association 47th Annual Custom Auto Show in La Crosse. We had the Rooster Tale II VW entered and were happy to receive two awards... one for BEST ENGINE.

Looking forward to traveling to other shows and places across the Country showcasing this fun car!

RTD Adapters LLC

We were scheduled to run our Harley powered VW at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September 2023.  Unfortunately, the event was rained out... dashing our goal of setting a land speed record.  We will reschedule for next year's event. We ended up racing our car at the Rock Falls Dragstrip, the Fall Out, an extremely popular nostalgia racing event.  The car left the line extremely well each pass... but a fuel delivery problem wouldn't let us get to top speed.  Estimated mph and ET on the quarter mile is 89mph in 15 seconds...  Bonneville top speed was estimated at 99 mph.

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